Tyflow mesh preset
I don’t know whats called but I think it would be nice to have a special mesh for RnD made for tyflow and maybe exist in birth object like the teapot in max and monkey head in blender.

I think it will be helpful for the tyflow community to identify the previews/ scenes/flow/scale etc with a mesh they are familiar with. Many other benefits I can think of so I just wanted to suggest it in case it seems like a good idea to you too! 

Yea it could be fun to have something like that, I'd have to think a little more about what it should be...
Great, may I suggest a Tyrannosaurus Big Grin
Maybe even cooler some mystical beings.
TyMinotaur, TyCentaur, TyGriphon, TyMedusa...

... or just teapot with closed, normal geometry... Smile

Or statue of some hot chick.

... just don't make anything like that bizarre Houdini Pig Head Smile
(02-05-2024, 07:04 AM)drawer14 Wrote: Great, may I suggest a Tyrannosaurus Big Grin

I also vote for the tyRannosaurus!

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