Hair growth
I am following the Dynamic Hair tut on YouTube but am wanting to grow "hair" on the entire body of a character. because of this I substituted a Surface Force operator for the Speed (Object Center Out) operator used in the tutorial. I figured this would be a good way to get spawned particles moving outward from the face normals of the model. It works but for some reason I have some particles that have a very low velocity, resulting in shorter "hair" strands. Any idea why this would be the case? Is there a better method for this?
Thanks in advance!

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Try disabling "simulate substeps" in the Surface Force operator.
(02-23-2024, 02:00 PM)tyFlow Wrote: Try disabling "simulate substeps" in the Surface Force operator.

Yep that did it! Thank you Smile
Can you tell me why that works? I guess I'm not sure why simulate-substeps would affect the outward force...

Simulate substeps limits the velocity of particles on the first frame they're affected by operator to simulate the effect of them being born at a negative subframe whose length is a random value between 0-100% the length of any given timestep.

That may be a confusing mouthful, but it basically just randomizes first-frame velocity to prevent stepping artifacts that can occur when simulating with large (ex: whole frame) timesteps. However, in your case it's not useful.

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