Sub-frame emitter interpolation?

I am emitting particles from a cached object. Or more specifically, I am spawning new particles from particles that are position bound to the cached geometry. The "parent" particles are attached using Object Bind. The cached object is moving slowly in one direction, and while there are several particles emitted per frame, they are locked to the exact frame causing a staggered look (for lack of a better word).

Is there a way to make tyFlow interpolate the emitter motion between the frames? The object is not changing topology, so I reckon it should be possible.

It's hard to picture what you're referring to. Can you post a screenshot or the file?
Sorry, I had a feeling that would be hard to understand Smile

Here's a still image instead. Hope this explains it!

The green object is the cached geometry. I scatter orange particles across it, which are then bound to the geometry, and these orange particles spawn the red particles. The geometry is moving from right to left, but the red particles are only emitted on one specific location per frame, instead of being interpolated across the movement of the emitter.

So what I want is the particles to be emitted at sub-frames as well, and not staggered like this. Is there a way to accomplish that?

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For subframe processing, just set the sim timestep lower (ex: 1/2, or 1/4 frame).
Here is a sample file for Max 2022 that show the problem.

(02-23-2024, 03:16 PM)tyFlow Wrote: For subframe processing, just set the sim timestep lower (ex: 1/2, or 1/4 frame).

Aaaahhh! Thanks!!

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