Set global variable?
I have two simple particle systems within the same tyFlow.
I want the right particles to let go and fall, once a collision is detected in the left particles.

In code, I would set a global variable "myTest" to true if left collision becomes true.
Then I would test against the "myTest" variable elsewhere in the code, to execute a dependent action. in this case activate gravity on right particles.

This is what I have.
Both spawn particles on a icon surface. Custom float is 0 by default.

When the collide happens on the left side, test action "the increment on collision",  makes the custom float become 1.

On the right side I have set a custom properties to continues update the custom floats value.
And make a test inside the force, to active it if the custom float >=1.

What is the smartest way to set a global variable in one flow, which can be read in another flow?
This technique doesn't work in my actual scene for some reason. (I have noticed that if one birth operator is plain and the other is a spline birth operator, then this example above doesn't work)

What I want is - if a condition / test becomes true somewhere in a flow, then I what to be able to activate actions else where in the flow based on this switch.

I have a feeling there must be a smarter more reliable way to do this.

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