tyFlow v1.110
tyFlow v1.110 is up!



* added Repair operator (can be used to flip particle mesh normals, reset transforms, etc)


* improved the responsiveness of tyCollections dependent on layers for input (Max could hang when adding/removing many objects from input layers)
* fixed an issue where the PhysX Break operator's tySlicer algorithm was not properly taking into consideration the velocity of particles
* fixed an issue where the tyWeld modifier would re-evaluate if transform keys were set on the input object
* fixed an issue where negative scale on particles could result in them having negative volume values
* fixed a regression that could cause particle to lose their bindings in the Object Bind operator, when the global mesh cache is enabled
* trapped some VDB exceptions - instead of crashing during a volume-to-mesh operation when grids have invalid values, an error will be printed to the MAXScript listener
* fixed an issue where the tySelect modifier could crash if set to particle selection mode and applied to a tySplines object being used by the target particle system

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