TyCache - Extend frame range and resume simulation
It would be great if you could extend the frame range of a tyChache after a simulation is done.

Sometimes I need to have some more frames of an animation. Or I forgot to update the frame range after some changes.
So it would be great to resume from the last frame of the already simulated tyCache. Similiar to Phoenix where you can resume a simulation every 15 frames.

Is this possible?
Unfortunately not possible.

A grid-based simulator like PhoenixFD is easy to resume, because you simply need to fill each cell with the grid values of the previous frame in order to step forward.

Resuming a tyFlow simulation would be exponentially more complex, as you not only need to restore particle values, but also the internal state of every operator and every internal solver.
Could it be possible for VDB simulations?
It should already be possible with VDBs - you can load them with a Birth VDB operator (file mode), and as long as you load in the proper velocity channels and such, that should given you an identical starting state relative to where it previously ended.

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