PARACHUTE - challenge

.mp4   PARACHUTE_1.mp4 (Size: 3.64 MB / Downloads: 43,452)

Thank you for the development!
We have been waiting for this for a long time.
Thank You!

I took out an old project to make a more realistic parachute animation, I think it is possible to solve this program without scams.

Although visible.
The media can not be well controlled. Drag, or the like.
Or without mass disproportionate use.

And the wagged wagons can't be tied to physix.

I will attach it if someone has an idea.

.mp4   PARACHUTE_1.mp4 (Size: 3.64 MB / Downloads: 43,452)


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The space is full of particles, and they are locked by attraction and repulsion to simulate atmospheric pressure, so that the particles and the cloth collide to prop up the parachute.

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