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I'm interested in the swirling and stacking part of the effect you have achieved here. Any insights you could share would be much appreciated. The project I'm currently planning requires something similar as I want to have books flying down a hallway and then come to rest stacked on a table. Very cool thanks!
Attaching you scene file. 

Basically, the idea is that you first make all your books in final position, make a Tyflow (birth shape), and spawn particles as geometry. You then add a operator "custom properties", and just grab (save) their position/rotation values for each particle. 
Then you place a time test operator, and send them to new location (position object ot icon), after some time period. I used 5 frames, but 1 frame is also enough. 
Now, all you need to do is not rendering that first frame. Smile
And you can play with particles whatever you want, and whenever you want you can load their position/rotation with custom properties, and force them to go back to initial position. 

As for swirly movement, that's just Ty vortex triggered, with time test. 

Hope this help.

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How would I make the coins stack from the bottom up? As it is now, they are basically stacking randomly, with some of the coins floating in mid-air. Is there a way to use the stored Z-position property to define in which order the coins get stacked?
That's a good question, and I can't figure the answer yet. 
Probably Tyson knows the answer, so you can try and open a new thread with that question. 

Hi ,
this was fun I found out how to make a Loop by ID,

First I made a Birth Voxel in a box for a arranged coins on top of each other > PhysX > Custom TM > then spread them around in another event > collect them by Find Target . the one in the left have a loop to call coins by their ID order.  


here is max file

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