tyFlow v0.16095 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16095 is up!



* improved handling of cloth forces through Force operator (can enable this new handling method with addition of "cloth aerodynamics" toggle in Force operator)
* keyframe rollout added to Custom Properties operator
* added verlet integration option to Object Bind operator's rotation settings, for transfering angular momentum to particles from bind movement


* fixed a critical issue that could cause Max to become unstable/crash when more than 30 tyFlows exist in a scene (operator icon GDI object overflow)
* fixed an issue where new tyFlow 'x' menu items were not appearing in Max 2020 and below
* fixed a bug where a tyMesher could crash in certain circumstances if UVW data on input meshes was corrupted
* fixed an issue where the tySplineMesher modifier was not updating properly if its input meshes were animated/deforming
* seed value in Scale operator is now keyable
* fixed an issue where inflation applied to 2D cloth meshes would introduce a lot of angular momentum
* fixed an issue in the Mapping operator where decoupling source/target UVW channels was not working correctly
* fixed an issue where the tyConform modifier was not adjusting spline tangents
* fixed an issue where tyActor animations were not properly transferring angular momentum to particles
* greatly improved accuracy of tyMesher UVW inheritance
* fixed an issue where tyCache objects weren't properly processing certain simulation group comparisons

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