tyFlow v0.16052 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16052 is out!



* tySelect modifier can select by particle proximity
* Displace operator now offers texmap-independent noise displace mode
* Voronoi operator will now show fracture progress in status bar


* fixed issues with tySelect mesh mode that were affecting accuracy and performance (tySelect mesh mode should perform much faster than max's Vol. Select mesh mode now, whereas before it was considerably slower)
* triggers with identical channels in a tyActor will no longer override each other
* fixed a crash that could occur in tySelect if Mesh selection sub-object set to faces
* fixed a bug where "On event entry" timing modes would sometimes not trigger for particles looped back to the event in a single time step
* fixed a long-standing bug causing overall PhysX indeterminism after PhysX binds were broken
* turning on collision sphere display in the Collision operator will no longer reset the flow
* fixed a bug where tySelect in gizmo-plane mode was performing inverted selections by default

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