Using a bitmap seq as individual texture for each particle
I am trying to create objects growing from a birth spline. Each object has its own texture/map. Rendering in VRay

Nor the objects nor the texture are animated. These objects are used as sprites (planes facing the camera) in the background of a scene.
I thought it would be convenient this creation process could automatically set set a map on each individual object extracting a bitmap from a sequence.

I have tried to use the Actor or Actor Animator to see if I could shuffle the frames or something. I could not use tyBitmap either.

The closest to get what I need is manually setting a different material (say about 10 to 20...) with a different map, and create a plane for each material, then use all planes as ref geometry with a shape operator. I can do it, but seems wrong.

Any suggestion would be great.
Use a tyBitmap which loads your various textures as an image sequence.

Then use Custom Properties/Mapping or Script operators, depending on your needs, in your flow to define different frames from the sequence that each particle should acquire. By not animating the frame values on the particles, they'll keep the same texmap over time. Using this method you can randomize which map a given particle will get. See the tyBitmap docs for more info.

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