How to get tySplines look like particle bindings ?
I am getting the effect I want when I check "show particle bindings" from the Particle Bind operator.
Except when I enable tySplines and check particle bindings, I get a different look. (screenshot blue = tySplines, pink = particle bindings).
I have attached the .max file too.

Any idea how to get the splines to look exactly like the bindings, so I can render them that way ?
There shouldn't be any difference between the two. Perhaps upload your file so it can be examined.
Oh I uploaded the max file but forgot to click add attachment, sorry ^^'. There you go

Attached Files
.max   fabric_particles_v01.max (Size: 1.03 MB / Downloads: 66)
Thanks, looks like this could be a bug....I'll get it fixed for the next build!
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It seems to work as expected now, thank you !

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