Failed to initialize. Error code 1114 - A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization
I'm getting this just after and update for windows, and before that, I did some registry cleanup with Ashampoo win optimizer, before the update and registry cleanup everything was fine, then I did windows restore before that update, but nothing changed, I read on Autodesk support web page that I have to clean up Visual redistributable, I did but every time I restart windows I have to clean up and reinstall Visual Redis. again. I'm having the problem with Tyflow plugin only and no other programs or plugins have such an issue.

Thanks in advance

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Sounds like you've accidentally deleted an important DLL on your system.

Download dependency walker (depends.exe), run it on the tyFlow plugin file, save the result and send it to me. It will tell me which file you are missing.
Thanks, I have attached the file in the first post !
You've attached a dll file, but the file I need you to export from depends.exe is a .dwi file.
oh sorry attached the .dwi file
Nothing stood out to me as obviously problematic, but if you messed around with your registry and/or windows installation, it's possible some core windows DLLs were moved/removed.

Load the dwi file into depends.exe and go through the list of modules in the middle panel, starting from the bottom and going to the top. Any DLL with a (?) beside it and no hourglass, or a red square, is a DLL that must be accessible to tyFlow on startup. If you search your machine and cannot find it, then that's the one that's missing.
Thanks! I will, let you know which once was missing Smile

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