frozen effect
I would like to create an effect like in frozen when the icy lady is shooting particles from hands and they have nice patterns.

My question is.... is there possible to curve path of particles at the end of their trajectory?
I tried global forces like vortex but I would like something like per particle curling not the whole mob curling. I would like to say at +- "this time" of your life move in swirly curl motion and disappear when before you are moving straight forward.

I could probably use paths but that's again the whole body of particles not individual particles motion.
Any ideas.Big Grin
If you think on the shots where she create her ice castle, and few particle patterns.... then... 
Hmmm... I definitely think they had lines created as specified patterns (according to camera angle (so it looks cool), and they used their lines for emitter trajectory. 
However, I don't think they spawned particles on these emitters , but rather, they spawned some fluid smoke (like fumefx or Phoenix FD), and then they used velocity pass from that to drive particles motion. 

In any way, keep in mind that Disney is so big studio, that if they wanted, they could create every particle manually animating it. :Smile

These are my thoughts, 
I did some r&d a while back and curl force with slow gives you nice enough results, if you don´t wanna go full disney, as darkelf suggested, and manually position hand-curled paths....
Its just a matter of finetuning the force vs slow and speed of the particles shot out.

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