object bind to volume
hey Tyson,

can you think of a way to add a functionality to the object bind op, that would not only let you bind to the surface, but to the volume of an object as well.
I can birth particles inside a volume and use surface force or collision to keep them inside a volume, but if I use other forces as well to move them around, its always a back and forth battle with mixed results.
Unless I´m missing something and this is already possible with the position transfer (still haven´t used that yet...) or through other means.

Recently I tried to create circular movement and couldn´t contain the particles to a certain area, neither with vortex force, nor with path follow, while also adding some noise and slow forces...
There's not a way to bind to a volume, beyond simply limiting a particle's surface offset to some particular value that keeps it "inside" the surface. A point on a surface has an explicit coordinate (barycentric, for example)...but a point inside a volume cannot have such an explicit, discrete coordinate.
I see. Damn, I need this quite often.
I could just birth the particles inside the volume and then use it as a collision object, but what could I do, if the voumes transforms are animated? Position transfer wouldn´t work either then, if I understood your explanation correctly, right?

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