Displace Falloff

Is there a possibility to add falloff to the displace operator so that we can control how much displacement is happening near the edge of say fractured face ?

Thank you and take care.
Not a bad idea.
(04-14-2020, 04:56 PM)tyFlow Wrote: Not a bad idea.

Thanks for adding this feature Tyson! 

have another question if you don't mind .

Is there a possibility to make voronoi operator like a volume breaker in Thinking Particles?
 I mean when you add voronoi all pieces stay welded together (water tight) only when you activate them (by spinner or another particles/event) they become detached from each other.
There are options in the Voronoi operator to not separate the chunks into particles. There is also an Elements Fracture operator you can use to break them apart at a future time.

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