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As always, I'll have to preface this request by stating that what I'm attempting to do may already be possible and I just don't know how Big Grin

The Birth Spline operator has some options that I am unable to replicate when using the Position Object - namely selecting whether the particle positions along the spline are based upon Percent, Distance, Knots and Interpolated Knots. Is there any way to replicate this functionality when using a spline as the Position Object?

To be honest, the main thing I want in the scene I'm using is for the knots to position on the spline's vertices rather than the interpolated vertices, so I can just take the steps down to zero on the spline and it works but I didn't know if the above would be possible in case my setup gets more complicated.

Hope that makes sense!

Splines input into Position Object operators are converted into meshes, with each (interpolated) knot becoming a vertex (you can adjust the interpolation settings in the spline base-object itself). There are no extra interpolation options. The whole point of using Birth Splines is because it offers spline-centric functionality that other operators cannot Smile

Maybe you can elaborate why that's not an option in your specific scenario...
Reading back what I wrote, I did not make it clear at all what I was doing - sorry!

What I was trying to achieve was to move particles to positions derived from one spline (via Birth Spline) to another spline (via Position Object) - which I have now achieved but I realised that using Position Object wouldn't allow me to distribute the particles alone the second spline with the same settings as the initial Birth Spline operator - just by vertex.

So I wondered if there was some way that a position operator just for splines could be created to give people the ability to have the same spline specific functions from Birth Spline.

Does that make sense?
I think i know what you want.

You birth 3 particles on "spline A" at 0%, 50% and 100% of the spline length and you want to move them to exactly the same or different percent values of "spline B".
But your problem is, that the position object operator has no spline specific controls like "percent of spline lenght".

Can you confirm that?

Position operators are no way to create interpolated motions for particles because they set the positions instantly. If you want some interpolated motion, you have to take something like the "find target operator", speed, forces, etc.
Hi TubeSmokeGuy - yep pretty close to that.

I know about interpolated motion - I am storing the positions in a CustomTM and then using Find Target Smile

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