Export custom data channels

I think it would be cool to export custom properties in user defined data channels. Maybe first for tyCache and PRT and later for some other formats.

I imagine the following workflow:
1. Press "Add channel" in the new "custom channel rollout" of the export operator. Now a new rollout with some settings for that channel will apper in the UI.
2. Define the source of the data you want to store in that channel, maybe a custom property or any other accessable data of the flow.
3. Optionally another name can be entered under which the channel is listed in the exported cache (by default it should be the channel name of the custom property)
4. Optionally you can change the order of vector and TM data types f.e. [1,2,3] to [3,1,2]

5. For more channels just press the "Add channel" button as often as you need it.

6. Enable or disable the channels for export with a checkbox for each channel.

Additionally it would be great if you could add the ability to show data from that custom export channels via the "display data operator". For control purposes.

Thanks in advance!

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