VDB getting UVW from Particles BUG REPORT
Using 3dsMax2018 and tyFlow_016087_VRayNEXT

1).-A Tyflow1 with mapped uvw particles (AS IMG1)
2).-A Tyflow2 using Particles to SDF and VDB Modify (UVW = Particle UVW) (AS IMG2)


-Tyflow2 does not get the correct UVWs
-Tyflow2 VDB Modify (UVW=Particle UVW) rollout in Particles Section->Include this flow's particles cant pick, Add Selected, Remove

A TyMesher applied to Tyflow1 Shows the correct uvs and mapped colors. (AS IMG3)

Attached 3dsMax 2018 showing the issue.

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Thank you Boris, it seems like the inability to pick your flow in the Particle rollout is indeed a bug.

In the meantime, you can choose "include this flow's particles" and use a Birth Flow and Flow Update operator to bring tflow01 particles into tflow02.

Then set your VDB Modify operator to continuous, enable UVWs in the VDB to Mesh operator and you should get the result you want.

Attached is the fixed file.

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