.vrmesh - Shape Op / Export Particles

I think it would be great if I could use a .vrmesh as a shape in the preview faces mode, make my simulation with that and then when it's time to export to tycache I could use the full mesh without resetting the simulation. We have the "load full mesh in render only" radio button and maybe you could add another one with "use full mesh for export" option?

Also it would be great if you could use the export particles globally and have an include/exclude for events.

Well, a sim has to be recalculated regardless if you change input mesh...but there are many potentially mesh-dependent aspects of a sim. However you are correct, currently render settings won't apply during export. It's something I've thought about changing.

As for export globally with include/exclude....you can also instance a single Export Particles operator between multiple events to include them all together. An instanced Export Particles operator will export particles for all events it is instanced into.

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