Parachute Setup able to pull by it's strings?
Hi Tyson and community.

Hope somebody can help me.
I'm trying to create a parachute setup where the parachute should lay on the ground and then pulled by the strings a few meters.
I get the parachute to work with cloth falling to the ground. And i get the strings working between the pull object and the parachute.
But how can i connect those parts in a way that the strings can actually pull the cloth parachute then?
Any tips very appreciated!

Big thanks in advance!

Found a simple solution and it's working ;-)
I just modeled those strings out of the parachute model as polygon stripes and with a bit of fiddling around with the collision settings,
i was able to get a pretty stable cloth sim. See attachment

.mp4   PArachute_Test_02_preview_1.mp4 (Size: 4.48 MB / Downloads: 11)

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