Rotation operator extension: Roll mode
NOTE: Formerly I posted this thread wrongly into the Bugs and Issues section, so I corrected it now. Don't wonder if you have allready seen it somewhere before Wink.


I think it would be nice if we could make some simple wheel or ball like "rolling on the ground" rotation behaviour for particles by converting its position changing motion into rotation depending on a proper radius value.
With options for custom axis dependencies, locks, etc. would be great.

Is this possible?

Greetings [Image: biggrin.png]!
This is already achievable using the Spin operator. You can use the relative-to-velocity/size options to have particle spin match particle motion.
Nice, thanks! Will try it!

I thought about something like mostly real rolling on the ground behaviour based on the circumference of the outer surface (computed from radius) in relation to the ground surface (by the particle position changing motion).

As far as I know thats the formula: degToRad(360*(particleposition/(2*pi*radius)))

But now I got to test that first Smile.

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