Impact map and trails map

I like to ask for 2 kind of procedural texture maps generated by tyFlow (maybe in OSL?):

1. Impact map: When a particle has a colission (from any type of colission operator) with a surface, impacts should be drawn in f.e this manner: first a dot which is growing to a disc and then it spreads out circular like a shockwave. Some noise and some time options would be nice to have, f.e. to control spreading speed, lifetime, fadeout time or add some variation to the look of the impacts.
Vice versa it would be cool when there would be a direct link form the impact map to an operator which can trigger partilce actions when the shockwave hits particles near the mapped objects surface.

2. Trails map: When a particle moves along or crosses a surface, its trajectory should be drawn as a trail. Some time controls are welcome, f.e. how fast the trail will dissipate and so on Smile.

Thanks Big Grin!
I haven't used OSL myself (so I'm not sure if those things are possible to do in it), but I think any shader development should probably start there first. If you're a member of the 3ds max Beta program, you could probably make a post in the Beta forums and ask the shader experts if something like that is do-able...
Tanks for reply! Smile I really considerd to ask the Autodesk devs for that and i think i will do that. On the oder hand I thought that offering such kind of maps is up to the particle system dev.

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