Flow Update - move along local X axis only

I have a row of 10 boxes (ids 0-9) set up as a proxy flow.
The second flow is another set of 10 objects (ids 0-9) with 4 of them rotated in plan.

I'm hoping to use the proxy flow to drive the motion of a second flow (see attached).

The large green circle pushes the particles to the left using a Collision Op in the proxy flow.


The problem I have is that the motion of the particles in the second flow moves along the X axis in world direction BUT I want them to move only along their LOCAL X axis - ie) in direction of red lines.


Essentially what Im trying to do is map the local X positions/velocites only from one flow to another.

Is there a way of getting this method to work? - or should I be looking at using Custom Properties and Targets?

Any help much appreciated

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