TyCache and VrayToon
Hi Tyson,

I think I discovered a bug concerning TyCache and VrayToon.

My goal is to have two different VrayToons for 2 different TyCaches. When I in- or exclude Layers/Objects, Vray Toon acts very weird.
When I disable "Enable Vray Interface" in the TyCache settings everything works like expected, but I need to render with Vray Renderinstances, because I have tenthousends of objects in my scene.

I prepared a simple examplescene which shows the problem.


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I would try raising the issue with ChaosGroup....I do instancing using the API they provided to me, so if there's an issue like that internal to VRay, they would have to provide the solution. I have no way of debugging their renderer.
Thanks for your answer. The issue seems to be on VRays Side. I made a few tests with particle flow and Vray Instancer and I got the same weird results when using In/Excludes in VrayToon. Thx.

Thanks for the update!

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