Proboolean fragmenting
Rayfire (and some others) have  interesting option for fragmenting using proboolean. 
The result is much organic chunks then those with Voronoi.

I guess the method (beneath it) is just spawning bunch of planes (with noise) intersecting the object you wanna fragment, and then using proboolean to make elements of that objects, then detaching elements.
From my understanding, even (fairly simple) script can do this, but how about a Proboolean fragment operator? Smile 
Or, rename Voronoi operator to Fragmenter, and within it, we can choose Voronoi or Proboolean. 

And yeah, I know PhysX shape will behave a little crazy there because of the convex boundaries, but we can always workaround that later. Big Grin
The problem with boolean fragmentation is that it's incredibly slow. For something like a box or a sphere maybe it's ok but when you want to make thousands of fragments on complex geometry it because infeasible. Also booleans are notoriously tricky to perform in overlapping succession without running into artifacts that destroy the mesh.

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