Strange Collision Bug?
I'm playing around with the new build of Tyflow and project files from Tyflow Basecamp from RedefineFX,
and I'm having a strange collision problem: objects falling through the floor and not recognizing Collision objects or Test Surfaces.

Any idea what's going wrong here? Screengrab attached. Using MAX 2017. Thanks!

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Tested and same issue in MAX 2021 - attaching project file to see if others can replicate issue?

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.max   F_inflation_02.max (Size: 1.52 MB / Downloads: 4)
Just from glancing at your screenshot, you apply gravity before moving particles to the other event to be de-activated, so they are not stationary in that other event....they will continue to fall.

Try moving the Force operator down below your Surface Test.
Yeah, moving Force below the Surface Test fixes the binding issue - but the object is still falling through the floor at the beginning of the simulation...

Any ideas? Does the .MAX file simulate correctly for you?

My mistake, not a bug - Jesse from RedefineFX pointed out this was likely related to CUDA drivers.

Reinstalled CUDA dlls and it works perfectly. Case closed!  Big Grin

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