Camera Map possible?
is it possible to assign camera map UV coordinates using the mapping Operator in tyflow? 

Also i want to use an animated Bitmap so its supposed to work like 3dMax "WSM Camera Map" modifier. 

thanks in advance
Set the mapping operator to "Continuous" and the camera map modifier (non-WSM) on your geo.
Hello, thank you! i think its getting coordinates now with the none wsm modifier; when i move camera they change color.

However i dont seem to get any texture on my particles. Its only giving me a sampled uniform color (see attachment; left side pflow of what id like to achieve). 
Am i missing something or is it bug maybe (max2018). 
thank you again)
No, per-vertex shape mapping overrides are not yet possible in tyFlow.
Hey, thank you for adding mapping overrides to tyflow.

So ive read in the documentation that "These override values ...... are not baked directly into the particle meshes until the mesh is sent out from tyFlow".
So how likely will there be a support for baking the coordinates within the flow? Bake mapping operator?

right now, the only workaround i found, is to use "birth flow" and "flow update" operator to do secondary manipulations/dynamics to particles after the mapping is baked. But this method slows down the sim.

Also big shoutout for developing this plugin.
Many times i thought "now max will crash1000" and then your plugin sim it in 2 seconds.
very fun stuff Sir)

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