Actor shuffle sequences
if i use shuffle sequences with # loops set to 5 and a variation of 10 the actor seems to shuffle the the sequence in every single frame.
it seems that variation is # of loops and not percentage.

maybe it would be helpful to add sequence name to the display data to check what seq is the actor playing.
Percentage-based variations are always marked with a "%" symbol in the label. All other variations are by value.

The variation-by-value equation is:

val = val + random(-1,1) * var

so a value of 5 with a variation of 10 will give a range of values from -5 to 15. The Actor Animation operator also clamps the min value of this range to 1.

Adding anim clip display to the Display Data operator is a good idea.
i was confused because the docs said: Variation %: the per-particle percentage of variation to apply.
#4's a typo Smile

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