tyFlow v0.16134 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16134 is up!



* added display options to Property Test neighbor mode, for visualizing search parameters in the viewport
* added seed by time option to Resample operator
* added filters rollout to Position Displace operator
* added 'closest vertex' surface forward vector option in Rotation operator
* added a floats rollout to the Script operator, where you can define script-accessible and animatable float values


* fixed an issue in the Birth Flow operator where it could freeze if a reference flow's shape had sufficiently-many vertices
* fixed an issue where CCCS settings were duplicated in tyFlow's main rollouts
* fixed an issue where switching between modes in the tySlice modifier could cause max to crash when transforming the sub-object gizmo
* fixed a regression where the tyBend/tySpiral subobject gizmos could not be moved
* fixed an issue that could cause tyCache spline export to crash when exporting splines with no knots (and simultaneously an issue where tySpline objects could optimize splines in a way that could leave them with no knots left)
* fixed an issue that could cause max to crash when using a small percent value in the tySplineMesher modifier, resulting in a spline being shrunk down to a single knot
* fixed an issue where certain operators would ignore target data when targets imported from Birth Flow/Flow Update
* fixed an issue where Max could crash when post-processing tyFlow meshes with NULL mapping channels
* fixed an issue where Alembic point cloud mode would crash when exporting in quat mode
* fixed a memory leak in the tySelect modifier
* fixed an issue where Resample operator randomization/jitter was not properly tied to seed
* fixed an issue where Position Displace operator was ignoring timing rollout
* fixed a regression where the CCCS operating on regular particle binds would ignore their thickness/friction values
* fixed an issue where the Shape operator would default to 'triangle' when switching to default 3d mesh mode, instead of tetrahedron
* fixed an issue where FumeFX caches weren't loading properly depending on time offset/playback parameters
Seems like the latest NVidia Studio drivers are causing this OpenCL failure with 0.16134?

[Image: CLCrash.jpg]
Hmmm….thanks for letting me know. I’ll look into it.

Does the MAXScript Listener post any further info about the GPU crash?
(07-01-2022, 02:05 PM)tyFlow Wrote: Hmmm….thanks for letting me know. I’ll look into it.

Does the MAXScript Listener post any further info about the GPU crash?

No worries, thank you.

[Image: OpenCL2.jpg]
Thanks for that!
Hmm well I updated to the same studio driver and don't have any issues (running on a 3090 ti)....hard to say what the problem is....especially since the OpenCL error isn't returning anything meaningful. If you switch to game drivers do you get the same problem?

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