Tyflow on Cinema 4D
I think it will be a good idea !
Insydium and them high prices make me want to throw up.
Insydium banned me in discord after talking about tyflow.

Tyflow for c4d would be great!
tyflow for c4d would be the real hit!!!
Insydium are terrible business people and are actively burning their client base with shady business practices like back-dating subscriptions for users who allow a maintenance agreement to lapse and then later choose to re-up. They will charge you for the time you did not have a license when you sign up again. I have many emails that clearly explain their logic as we the users, even the ones who are not actively using the service, owe them money to keep developing it and they will get it when/if that user decides to sign up again.

I personally paid for a 1 year maintenance agreement after allowing my previous agreement to expire, due to my current, at the time, booking having a license for me to use.After the booking ended I paid for 12 months of updates, but received 1 month before my agreement expired. I was told the rest of my money went to development costs during the time in which my license was expired, and giving me any more than one month would be unfair to all the other users who have been paying consistently.

This is total bullshit, I will not be giving this company any more money and I suggest no one else support them. I would love to see another option like Tyflow come and slap some sense into these bullshit business practices. Its a shame because the product and support around it is so great, its really ruined by the terrible way Insydium conducts business.
it is easier to migrate to 3ds Max, create your tyflow there, and if you prefer, export it in alembic to C4d. In the same way that we will not have an X-Particles for Max tbm they will not have a Tyflow for C4d, purely because the code for both platforms was created exclusively using the wrong resources of their source software.

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