tyFlow v0.16066 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16066 is up!



* Growth operator (DLA) growth bounds mode can now accept force influences
* added "frame exclusions" options to Timing rollout, for specifying specific frames or frame ranges that should be excluded from operator execution
* Spread operator now has seed by time option, as well as proper turbulent noise controls
* added "actor rig parent" option to Set Target operator
* added "preserve local offset" param to PhysX Bind deformation options, for controlling how strongly position offsets between bindings will be preserved after deformation


* fixed a regression where the Birth Objects operator would crash if you disabled "inherit geometry"
* fixed a bug where the tyProperties modifier was not working on skinned mesh bones
* fixed a bug where tyParticleSkin modifiers imported into a tyActor were not properly transferring custom property values
* Birth Objects now supports all node types as input
* fixed an issue where tyFlow was not properly rendering with the PHXFoam shader
Tyflow 016066 rollout for Dynamic (Sleep) and Dynamic (Wake) into black off. Can you help me? Please answer me
PhysX sleeping is no longer supported.
Ok, Sir

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