tyFlow v0.16077 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16077 is up!



* added ability to enable multi-column editor layouts (accessible from editor right-click menu)
* added "delete parent" option to Array operator
* added "apply force behind icon" option to tyWind
* added Smooth operator for auto-assigning proper smoothing groups to particle meshes
* added interpolation options to Mapping operator custom data settings
* added "full interpolation on entry" option to Custom Properties and Spin operator
* added pivot sample option to Rotation operator (specifically useful for look-at mode)
* added framerate control to tyPreview mp4 [...] menu
* added evaluation frame offset setting to tyMesher
* you can now import C# modules with "using XXXXX" syntax at the top of a Script operator script (example: "using System.Linq;"). Note: if a particular system module cannot be found, please let me know.


* substantially improved performance of Voronoi fracture operator (an internal benchmark scene that previously took 190 seconds to complete now takes 30 seconds)
* (hopefully) fixed a long-standing bug that would cause tyBoolean and tyCarve to instantly crash on some machines
* fixed a crash that could occur when VRay not installed and tyCache destructor is called
* fixed banding and low bitrate issues in tyPreview image output
* changing aesthetic parameters on tyHelper objects (ex: enabling/disabling icon display in a tyIcon) will no longer reset dependent sims
* fixed an issue where dragging texmaps into a Script operator UI would add unnecessary copies of the map if the operator is instanced
* fixed pblock corruption issues in Script operator
* fixed a crash that could occur in tyPreview when previewing with an image file background
* Force operator influence values can now be negative
* fixed various issues with tyCache subframe interpolations
* QuickType popup rewritten in C++ (previously C#) and should no longer beep when closed. UI flickering should also be reduced
* fixed an issue where certain internal mesh attach functions could corrupt texmap faces (ex: rubix cube sample scene would develop corrupted map data as sim progressed)

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