tyFlow v0.16082 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16082 is out!



* added base/tip bone segment channel data to Birth Skeleton operator, for marking the base/tip bone segments of a skeleton for future filtering
* added output_openAfterCompletion flag that can be set in tyPreview MXS function, for controlling whether or not the preview file will be opened after export completes
* Birth Skeleton operator now has pre-process relaxation setting, for smoothing out input meshes prior to skeletonization
* Birth Skeleton operator now has matID filter, for choosing which mesh faces will be skeletonized
* Birth Skeleton operator now has min bone width setting, to prevent overly-skinny branches
* Birth Skeleton skeletonization algorithm will now process separate mesh elements in parallel (should dramatically increase performance on complex meshes)


* fixed an issue where input objects with a scale of [0,0,0] at the birth frame would break animation inheritance in the Birth Objects operator
* PhysX Bind "improve anchor accuracy" setting now works with regular colliders
* fixed an issue where the Birth Skeleton status bar percentage prompt wouldn't be properly cleared if you pressed SHIFT+ESC during processing
* fixed an issue in the Script operator, where sampling multiple texmaps at different times would only update the first texmap at the specified time
* fixed a bug where certain operator post-step functions were evaluated even if the operator itself was disabled
* fixed a bug where cloths were not generating their velocity map channel data correctly
* fixed various cloth slicer issues
* fixed an issue where the Move Pivots operator was not respecting particle scale

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