tyFlow v0.16088 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16088 is out!

Please read the version history for information about changes made to VRay compatibility in this version:



* merged VRay builds - no longer need 3.x/NEXT distinction...each build of tyFlow should now work with VRay 3.x/4.x/5.x for all versions of max from 2016-2021
* added VDB Copy Out operator, for splitting VDBs out to multiple events, SDF morphing, etc
* added y-up to z-up switch in Birth VDB operator
* VDB Clear operator now has options to choose which grids to clear
* added Occluded Faces mode to tySelect
* added density values display to VDB Display operator
* Element Fracture now has seed by time option
* VDB to Mesh operator now has option to toggle mesh rendering


* fixed an issue where custom bitmaps used for Display operator sprite mode would not display properly
* fixed an issue where the "unify colors" rc menu option for Display operators was not copying colors with the correct gamma
* improved accuracy of Occluded Elements mode in tySelect
* fixed an issue where pick/add/remove/etc buttons on the VDB Modify Particles rollout were not working
* fixed an issue where a tyBend applied to a spline would convert the spline to a mesh
* fixed a bug where VDB meshes were not exporting to tyCaches correctly
* VDB Display operator will no longer draw density points with a voxel value of 0
* fixed editor window minimum resize width when rollout count > 1
* fixed an issue where "save hit location" in the Surface Test operator wasn't working
* fixed an issue where Element Fracture operator was not retaining original element count when percent < 100
* fixed a divide-by-zero issue in the Cluster Force operator

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