Tyflow brokes Manage Scene States
There is an issue in couple of 3dsmax versions that I have installed (2016, 2018). Tools > Manage Scene States doesn't work (window doesn't open). 
I know that there are a lot of solutions for this ancient bug, but I'm writing here for a reason.

Max 2016 - none of solutions work here, even deleting ENU folder completely. But one solution worked - deleting tyFlow_2016.dlo from plugins.
Max 2018 - some solutions do work, as well as deleting tyFlow_2018.dlo like in 2016.
Max 2020 - there is no bug in this version, tyFlow_2020.dlo is installed here.

So my question is - can tyflow.dlo somehow cause this 3dsmax bug in some old versions or it's just a coincidence?
Seems like something to bring up to the Autodesk devs. tyFlow doesn't interact with any scene states code directly.
With the most recent Tyflow versions in Max 2016 we see this in the Maxscript listener

State Sets Error: Anchor couldn't be created!
State Sets Error: Anchor couldn't be created!

Whatever is happening seems to prevent the Manage Scene States dialog from opening properly.  The last one we downloaded that works is TyFlow_016069_VRayNEXT.  I had trouble getting zips that include Max2016 from the link in the FAQ.
That's still something that Autodesk will have to address. tyFlow doesn't interface with scene states in any way.
That's unfortunate. At least we have the 016069 version that does not produce the error and allows Scene States to be used, but we can't change Max version or Tyflow from here on.

Maybe you should edit the FAQ advice, since it appears this message is not benign.
Good point, I will take out that line in the next doc update.

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