Few suggestions
Few suggestions: 
(probably, some of my suggestion will be already possible... sorry for that)

1)PhysX Collision operator
The extra tests conditions in this operator is awesome. However, I'd like one more (extra simple) test, if possible. Just the pure percentage amount of the particles (with variations), that goes into the next event.
I fracture object to 10 pieces, and I check they fragment further, when hitting the floor. However, I'd like to add extra condition that only percentage of particles are being transfered into the next event. So if I type 50%, only 5 fragments are being fragmented to smaller pieces in the next event. [/size][/color]

2) Playback realtime vs non realtime.
I need to switch constantly between the 2. When simulating, I go to non real time, when previewing, I like to look at realtime. Is it possible that I always stay on realtime, but have a simulation button ti just run simulation (if I run simulation in realtime, it's trying to skip frames - simulation is not accurate)

3) fragments morphing 
Now, this is a very tough one.  Big Grin It would be cool, if (somewhere in the future), you could fragment 2 objects (same amount of fragments), make fragments 1 to travel to fragments 2, and while traveling, morphing to fragments 2 shapes.
Here is some similar test I did in the past with Pflow (of course, fragments are not morphing)

Thanks for your suggestions!

1) Eventually I plan to add a "filter" rollout to all operators (similar to the timing rollout you're familiar with) as well as more send out controls. So the extra conditions of the PhysX collision operator that you like will be available for all operators.

2) That's controlled by max unfortunately, not tyFlow. Nothing I can do about it trying to skip frames....tyFlow merely sims whatever frame max tells it to, and the slower the sim, the more frames max will tell tyFlow to skip in order to try and keep playback realtime.

3) I'm getting a "video does not exist" error when trying to load your youtube clip.

Hmm.. works for me in 2 browsers....
Let's try this:
Ah, the video link works now.

Hmm...not sure how that could be achieved better in tyFlow (you could do the effect in the video of course, where the chunks are visible at the end, but I'm not sure how to get the pieces to actually morph into the target piece shape). Something to think about Smile
That's a cool effect. Looks like either a script op that sorts all verts if the car chunks into a box shape somehow, or it's some simple trickery, scaling down the chunks and then just switching them to boxes or something. 
Directly morphing couldn, t work due to different vert counts for all chunks...
Yeah, I assumed this would be nearly impossible. The above effects I did with Pflow data op, and I think it's even much more easier achievable with Tyflow.
I am not a programmer, but here's my thoughts on  how this, maybe, can be achieved.
Let's say, both objects have the exact same amount of fractures (100). Fracture 1 flies to fracture 2, fracture 2 to 2, 3 to 3... etc. After they achieve the desired position (by pivot center), fracture from object 1 compare the distance of his vertecies to the target fracture vertecies. He moves his vertecies to target vertecies by "closest" distance (doesn't matter if it has more or less verticies, some of them may well overlap). We then bake that animation (or information), and move it back to the flying part.
Does this make sense? Smile

Anyway, not really important this effects, and probably can be faked in many situations, but this is subforum for any kind of possible or impossible suggestions. Smile

4) It would be nice if  Voronoi fracture can fracture in more random (noise) so fragments look more natural. 

Sample a) 

[Image: hhABot5.jpg]

Adding like secondary points (red), over the regular points (blue), and ability to play with noise values. 
Or noise on slice planes. 

Sample b) 

[Image: mgE4WW7.jpg]

This is probably easier. Similar to what Rayfire can do. Just frag it to smaller pieces, then merge (and weld vertecies) of several of them together. 
I've tried with bind to do this, but couldn't really find an option for this particular binding. 

Quote:2) That's controlled by max unfortunately, not tyFlow. Nothing I can do about it trying to skip frames....tyFlow merely sims whatever frame max tells it to, and the slower the sim, the more frames max will tell tyFlow to skip in order to try and keep playback realtime. 

I was thinking just adding a "simulate" button would do the trick. Something like cloth modifier have. 
It's not really important , thou, especially, if it can lead to bugs, and errors.

Btw, here is the test I did, and that inspired my suggestion on 4.

I would kind of liked, if these initial frags are more natural looking.
I could probably do it with Rayfire + Tyflow, but why not all in Tyflow? Big Grin
Is something like this possible already?

I am looking to make more natural wobbly cracks for my ice model.

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