Problem Rendering Instanced TyCaches as Vray Instances
It looks there might be a problem when trying to render instances of the same Tycache object when they use local coordinates (to offset their transforms) and rendering set to VRay instances mode.  What appear to be happening is that only one instance of a given particle will be rendered no matter how many instanced copies of the TyCache are in the scene.  This could just be a core limitation of the way I'm trying to do things, but perhaps TyCache rendering could have special handling in this type of situation when detected?
You're instancing the tyCache object itself? That won't work.
(11-02-2020, 06:04 AM)tyFlow Wrote: You're instancing the tyCache object itself? That won't work.

That's what I was afraid of.  I was doing this more to allow quick changes en masse to things like cache version, frame range, etc.  I don't really need or want them instanced for the sake of saving memory during render, more for overall scene management.  

When you instance an object like that, the renderer only evaluates its base object once...but that means the actual particle instancing procedures in the cache base object are only evaluated once...but of course, they would need to be evaluated for each individual instance to properly scatter the particles in their local coordinates. That's not something tyFlow can overcome....each renderer would need to be hard-coded to do local evaluations for tyCache instanced copies. Pretty much guaranteed that won't ever happen.

If you need to adjust instanced caches en masse, your only option would be to do it with MAXScript.

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