tyFlow v0.16010 (BETA)
v0.16010 has some new features as well as some additions to the example scenes. Grab them here:


NOTE: VRay NEXT GPU is not yet compatible with tyFlow VRay instances. CPU mode should work without issue.
NOTE: VRay IPR GPU is having some issues with tyFlow at the moment. As a temporary workaround, disable the "VRay Interface" in the tyFlow Interfaces rollout before rendering.

* fixed matIDs not showing up properly in the viewport, for instanced particles with a display operator set to "geometry"
* added occlusion testing in surface operator
* copy operators with shift + drag. instance operators with shift + alt + drag
* speed operator velocity/direction can be derived from particle parent
* speed operator direction can be derived from the outwards direction from particle parent
* spawn operator parent shape spawn offset controls added
* "remove all" option for listboxes replaced with menu that includes "remove all", "remove deleted", etc
* global helper functions added to script op for static Point3/Matrix3/etc math functions (Dot, Cross, etc)
* retimer now supports retiming playback by speed %
* rotation operator in surface align mode now supports splines...particles will be aligned to the spline tangents
* retimer now supports retiming playback by speed % <---- Nice!

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