CUDA files causes 3dsmax issues
Hello!! Ive been playing around tyFlow for a while but didnt installed CUDA files yet.

Im running 1080Ti and tried to install these files into 3Dsmax/Plugins root folder. There are no issues when I remove them, but as soon as I install them back to use CUDA cloths stuff its just the same issue every time.

The wrappers one, and another one I guess its Babylon plugin issue.

It does no crash Max, but it causes several problems like I cant select a mesh and RightClick, and all kinds of crazy (at least for me) stuff.

Anybody solved this before?

Thanks by the way!!

Nice day!

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Please see this section of the FAQ:
(11-28-2020, 05:36 PM)tyFlow Wrote: Please see this section of the FAQ:

Ive been the whole evening trying to get to a solution and it worked just perfeclty..

Huge thanks!!

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