tyFlow v0.16100 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16100 is up!



* added tyBind helper object which allows you to precisely specify location of PhysX binds on input tyActor rigidbodies
* Modify Bindings and Modify PhysX operators can now adjust bind break thresholds
* tyCache objects will now automatically disable instancing in both viewport and render if modifiers are present on the object (previously you had to manually uncheck GPU/render instancing if modifiers were present)
* added "convert input to mesh" override to tyParticleSkin


* fixed a regression where tyParticleSkin could crash if input particles did not have assigned meshes
* fixed an issue where Script operators could not assign UVW values to mapping channel 0
* fixed an issue where the Particle Bind CCCS radius value was accidentally treated as a diameter value (it was resulting in binds getting half the collision radius they should be getting)
* fixed a regression where tyParticleSkins imported into tyActors would not display their skinned meshes in the resulting flow
* fixed an issue where max could crash when doing threaded deletions of native Mesh pointers
* fixed a crash that could occur in the Modify Bindings operator if it modifies tearable cloth with aerodynamic forces
* deprecated "tyActor node properties" rollout in tyActor helpers. Users should use tyProperties modifiers instead.
* fixed an issue where the Speed operator noise value was not acting as an additive multiplier
* fixed a regression where tyCache objects set to render as meshes would still render as instances in vray

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