tyFlow v0.16105 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16105 is up!



* tyPreview can now export mp4s with audio (note: see tyPreview docs for important information about activating this feature)
* PhysX Bind operator in tyBind mode now has option to inherit break/deform settings
* added "All Siblings In Event" test to Property Test, to check if all of a particle's siblings are in the same event
* PhysX Binds transferred from actor to flow will now scale with the actors properly
* added proximity sphere display to Particle Bind operator
* PRT export in Export Particles operator can now export custom float/vector data
* added absolute direction mode to Position Raycast operator, as well as origin offset parameter


* fixed an issue where distance/direction to target option in Script Properties operator weren't returning correct results
* fixed an issue where Custom Properties operator interval wasn't being set properly for velocity-affecting modes, resulting in a static sim
* fixed a regression where seed values in the Edge Fracture operator were not working
* fixed a crash that could occur in the tyCarve modifier if a degenerate slice had less than 2 control points

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