tyFlow v0.16107 (BETA)
tyFlow v016107 is up!



* you can now override particle meshes in tyCaches with scene geometry (new Meshes rollout in tyCache objects)
* added the ability to offset the evaluation priority of any event
* added the ability to display event evaluation orderings in the editor right-click menu
* added "index is ID" settings to Birth Flow/Flow Update operators
* added UVW source options to Scale operator (texture rollout)
* added position offset parameters to Position Raycast rollout
* added "zero distance if inside volume" option to Surface Test
* added ability to execute pre/post-export MAXScripts in Export Particles operator (for scene object access/modification before/after exporting)
* added option to sort binds in tySplines object, for consistent spline chain orientation
* Birth Skeleton "max length" param now has ability to subdivide branches if value set to less than length of existing branches
* added "target shape mesh random vertex pos" option to Move to Target operator
* Brick Fracture operator now has timing/filter rollouts


* fixed a bug where certain particle channels were not caching correctly
* further improved performance of tySmooth modifier (ex: ~2.5x faster on editable mesh with 50 elements and 2 million verts)
* Flow Update operator can now track particles even if they all have an ID of 0, using their index when the "track by ID" setting is disabled (previously it only worked if the ID was -1)
* further improved performance of tySplineMesher in extrude mode (much faster now, tessellation is also cached between parameter adjustments)
* fixed an issue where PRT sequences were not loading correctly if unsigned integers used for ID storage
* improved performance of target linking algorithm on flows where maximum particle hierarchy depth is 1
* fixed an issue where tySelect additive selections were getting reset for the wrong reasons when "auto update" enabled. Also set "auto update" default to false. Also made sure an initial bake would occur on file open if baking enabled.
* fixed an issue where Temporal Smooth rotation/scale settings were swapped
* Custom Properties operator multipliers can now take negative values
* Scale operator can now take negative scale values
* fixed a bug where raycasts in various operators would sometimes fail to hit proper faces if collider faces were scaled
* Find Target operator set to follow particle targets will skip over particles if they have no target
* improved time to initialize hires instances when rendering with VRay 3.x/4.x(ex: a piece of geometry with 500k polys that was instanced 100k times was taking 15+ minutes to initialize due to inefficiencies in calculating instance bounding boxes...now it takes mere seconds)

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