tyFlow v0.16108 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16108 is up!



* added option to disable tapering on closed splines in tySplineMesher modifier
* added editor buttons for enabled/disabling/refreshing a simulation
* added ability to switch editor rollups to left side of editor grid (from editor "layout" right click menu)
* Script editor API moved to secondary window so you don't have to constantly scroll up and down to reference API functions
* added GetObject(name) function to Script operator, for run-time access to any scene object without the need to add them to the Script operator object listbox
* Script operator now has unified "tfMesh" class for retrieving both particle and object mesh data (use documented "GetMesh()" functions for retrieving a mesh). Legacy tfObj mesh data functions still work but are deprecated (for example, instead of tfObj.numVerts, now use tfObj.GetMesh().GetNumVerts())
* added "every nth" option to Display Data operator


* fixed an issue where tySelect wasn't calculating mesh selections properly if a world-space modifier was applied to the input object(s)
* (hopefully) fixed a bug in the VDB Copy Out operator which could result in a crash due to problematic pointer referencing
* fixed a regression where deconverted cloths would not inherit particle mapping overrides
* fixed an issue where Collision operator bounce vectors were not being calculated correctly
* improved the way the CCCS handles cloth tearing. Tears are now less likely to cause solver instability
* fixed an issue where exporting particles to objects wouldn't respect particle pivot modifications
* fixed an issue where deleted particles were not always destroying their binds
* Spline Paths operator now calculates particle velocities more accurately when "enable on substeps" disabled, leading to better retiming results
* Particle Bind Solver partitioning now allocates double the partitions, which helps prevent indeterminacy issues when "strict determinism" is enabled
* fixed an improper IKey->IBezFloatKey cast that could cause the tyFlow spinner right-click menus to crash max during calls to Set/GetKey
* updated to latest build of OpenVDB, which also fixed issue with VDB intersection mode not working correctly
* tyPreview camera list scene camera names are now sorted alphabetically

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