tyFlow v0.16111 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16111 is up!



* added tyRelax modifier, which is an optimized alternative to the built-in Relax modifier, ideal for relaxing high resolution meshes with a lot of relax iterations
* added spline normal option as the default extrude option for tySplineMesher in extrude mode
* added "clamp to distance" option to Path Follow attraction settings
* renamed Property Test "sibling type" option to "sibling index" and added option to specify a specific child index
* added "oldest/youngest" sort filter to Set Target operator, for setting target to oldest/youngest particle within the search radius
* added camera frustum select mode to tySelect modifier, for selecting vertices/faces within a camera's FOV
* added "unique ID per bind" setting to Particle Bind operator
* added "cluster by ID" setting to tySplines object
* added new color source options to Display operator


* fixed an issue that was causing massive slowdowns during VDB nearest-surface operations
* fixed an issue where tySelect particle simulation mode export groups setting was not working correctly
* fixed an issue where tySplineMesher could crash if chosen extrude normal was parallel to all subsplines
* fixed various other tySplineMesher extrude issues
* particle link update routine is now multi-threaded, regardless of how deep the link hierarchy is (previously it was only threaded for a link hierarchy depth of 1).
* fixed a regression that could cause a crash to occur in PhysX flows containing shape-less particles.
* fixed an issue where simulations would reset at rendertime if a disabled operator had a render-only setting enabled
* fixed an issue where Script calls to "GetObject" would return an object that would not respond to certain GetClosestXXXX queries, if the object was already added elsewhere in the flow
* fixed some issues related to how the tySplines object does bind welding
* fixed an issue where Tets operator matID value was being treated internally as 1-based instead of 0-based (so matIDs were offset by 1)
* fixed an issue where PhysX linear Y/Z limits were not being inherited properly from tyBinds across multiple tyActor setups
* fixed an issue where total particle count reported by the editor would be incorrect if any particles were deleted
* fixed an issue where copy+pasting Display operator colors was pasting the wrong value
* fixed an issue where Display operators were displaying geometry colors with the wrong gamma value
* fixed an issue where Script operator function caching was not working in all cases, resulting in execution slowdowns

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