tyFlow v0.16112 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16112 is up!



* added more options to the spinner right-click "set keys" menu
* added trajectory interpolation settings to tySplines object
* added option to delete particles in Camera Cull operator
* split "default lights" tyPreview option into "1 light" and "2 light" options
* Display operator "custom float" and "velocity magnitude" color modes will now be multiplied by operator color picker value (so they will tint the selected color, instead of merely appearing as a black and white gradient)
* added new "polygons" option to Birth Surface operator, and renamed "faces" option to "triangles"


* Shape operator instance material inheritance now works on group members, when "split group members" is enabled
* changed Object Bind proximity setting to be more intuitive, using distance to closest surface point, rather than projected offset point to do proximity calculations
* fixed an issue where instanced pblock controllers inside flows would not survive file save/load
* fixed a PhysX Fluid operator race condition
* fixed an issue where Growth operator SC algorithm was not sending particles out when connected to another event
* fixed an issue where PRT export would not export all custFloat/Vec channels in some cases
* fixed an issue where changing an operator's timing from the right-click menu was disconnecting it from any attached events
* fixed an issue where resample angle binds would result in a crash (by disabling angle bind resampling, since it should not be possible in the first place). Furthermore, made it so only stretch binds can be resampled (ie, shear/bend/volume are also excluded)
* fixed an issue where duplicating a flow could result in incorrect Particle Bind operator viewport bind display
* fixed some issues related to how the Resample operator determines siblings relationships between new particles
* fixed an issue where changing a tyCache setting wouldn't update viewport display until the time slider was moved
* fixed a crash that could occur in some setups during cloth collision initialization
When i do a Ty preview - i use the most basic settings, and when it finished making the preview it changes my viewports to <user defined> its getting a pain to switch ti back to standart everytime . Previous versions didnt have this problem.

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