redshift+tyflow no displacement
Hi! Im using Tyflow a lot with Max and Redshift, works mostly very well and is very fast!
Motion blur is now working using “Enable Particle Interface”, great!!
But cant get redshift to render tyflow shapes using mesh displacement.
Rendering the geo itself works, but when connected as a shape in Tyflow, displacement does not appear in the rendering.
Tried with adding a “redshift mesh parameters” on top of the Tyflow icon but doesn’t help.

Attached a max file and a .jpg explaining what’s going on.

I also asked this in the redshift support forum, maybe its a question for them!

Any ideas? Best /nico

I actually managed it work, by adding the material on top of the tyflow icon and not using "instance material" inherit from reference.
But my scene contains loads of materials and objects so would be a nightmare creating a multi/sub material for the entire tyflow setup!

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.max   Redshift_no dicplacement_Tyflow_01.max (Size: 908 KB / Downloads: 7)
Redshift support had a look and did a fix for this, seems to be included in next redshift build!!
Link to the thread:
So, case closed!
Best /nico
That's good news Smile

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