Sequential explosion timing help...

I need to create fireworks that I want to control in this way:

An array of rockets, ideally emitting one particle per poly of an emitter object, in this case basically a circle.
I want these to be timed to sequentially emit around the e.g. each 3 seconds.
What is the simplest way to set this up?
Clearly I am new to Tyflow so please be uber-descriptive if possible Smile
You can use the various available modes in the Birth or Birth Burst operators to manage repeat emissions over time.
Ok thanks. I'll see if I can figure it out.
I'm on a tight deadline so I hope I can find out how this works quickly enough Smile

Ok, so I see the birth burst but my problem is that I cannot see where there is a parameter to emit 1 particle from each polygon in an emitter object, as in the diagram attached. Can you explain if/how this would be possible?
Or do I need a separate emitter for each in this case?

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Yeah, you could create separate emitter for each one, but that wouldn't be too handy, or practical, would it? Smile
Is this what you want?
(look attachment)

It's the most simplest solution I could think right now.
Basically, you just birth all the objects in the tyflow  (so you automatically get one particle per object)
Then you use surface test, and use Cylinder (volume inside) test, and slice animation, to send them to next event, where they spawn (shoot) one, or more particles.

That way, with simple animation of that Cylinder, you will trigger particles to shoot particles, anyway (or anytime) you like.

Feel free to ask if something is unclear in my scene

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I actually managed to create 1 particle per poly from the mesh in the image I posted, so I now have a good result for multiple vertical bursts of that, plus multiple particles on each face for another variation, so the last one I really need is this sequential move, so I'm pinning my hopes on your suggestion Smile
Just from reading I can see it working, so I'll check it in the morning and report back if I have questions.

Thanks for finding the time to help me out.
I budgeted 4 days for this display and you might just help me keep to that! Smile
So that works perfectly, thank you very much. Smile

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