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Tyson! Hello.

First of all, please forgive me. I know you must be very busy, and I don't know how difficult it is to develop a software. Here I sincerely put forward some ideas to you.

After using the "resample" operator, sub particles are generated according to the spacing. I especially want to control the scaling size and position fluctuation of these linear sub particles.    

For example, an option under the "scale" operator is "scale by target distance"“ . It would be perfect if this option provided curves to control the particle scaling size. Of course, it's better to normalize the particle scaling value. Why should we "standardize"? It's not hard to see from the picture that the particles are far and near apart, but I just want to generate a constant scaling size between them (if you don't understand me, please see the second picture.)    

Now if I want to control the fluctuation of the z-axis of the particle space. And it can be adjusted by curve. (please refer to the third picture)    

”"Custom properties" operator, add "particle space" and "Edit" various property curves“

Once again, I would like to express my sincere regards to you, thank you!

I found that there are many ways, but they are not very effective to solve this problem.
Hi cgdvs,

Both problems are not easy to solve. They require extra info about the particles you want to interpolate that aren't immediately obvious. Have you tried using the Script operator to do these things? Seems like that would be the best solution since it would give you full control.
Ha ha, I'm studying the basic study of "C#" recently. I believe the future will not be so boring.

Thank you

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