Fracture operators resets position of actor and deforms the mesh
Hi guys, tyflow newbie here. I have a problem and I can't find an answer to it. I searched for 2 days and I dunno what to do. 
Whenever I place a fracture operator after an actor operator it reset the position of the mesh and deforms it. Do fracture operators don't work on actors?
I have a head, rigged using biped bones, the animation is very simple, it rotates a bit to the left and right. I want to use a face fracture on that animated head and I can't find an answer to be able to do this.

Below it's a test on a sphere rigged to a bone and the result is the same, you can see that after I placed the Face Fracture the sphere is offseted and deformed

[Image: 0ca6l2ih0ru61.png?width=2045&format=png&...84645b988d]
[Image: 34smv9ml0ru61.png?width=2048&format=png&...182e2022dc]
Can you upload the scene file?
(04-22-2021, 07:59 PM)tyFlow Wrote: Can you upload the scene file?

Sure, I attached the test scene with the sphere. (I tried to export the animated actor into a mesh but it exports an empty mesh)

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.max   FaceFracture_Rigg_Test.max (Size: 476 KB / Downloads: 4)
I still can't find a solution Sad My last resort was to animate the object using Morph modifier and then to fracture it. This time, when I check the "Animated geometry" in the Shape operator I get this. Tyflow transforms every polygon's face into the base mesh.

I will try and break down better what I want to do:

-I want to use an animated head that rotates his head to the left or right and make an object reform effect. In the video below it's that head, and I managed to make the effect but the head is not animated. My problems started when I tried to animate the base mesh and I can't figure a way to make this work with an object that requires skinning or morphing.  Sad


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Tyson is probably busy, and I've tried to do it myself (I was curious) , but couldn't make it with animated mesh.

I am not 100% sure, but I think Ty_actors are not supposed for these type of scenes, simply because that with actors, in Tyflow you mostly manipulate with their bones, not their meshes.
Here in the attachment I created a teapot that is doing similar thing like above scene.
But as I said, it's not moving (although, I think that in above video model also don't move - just camera moves).

For animated mesh, I guess we will need to find a way to particles perfectly chase animated target, stick to it, and then link to it.
Or even maybe position transfer could help here?

Not sure, but I will try to figure it out, and if I manage to find something, I'll post in here.

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Sorry yea, haven't had a chance to look at the file yet. However, from second glance at your screenshot it seems that you're just missing an Actor Convert operator. You need that to deconvert an actor into a mesh that is fracturable.
Appreciate your time trying the help guys. I tried to add that Actor Convert operator but it still doesn't work, the mesh dissapears...I dunno. . . maybe I am doing something wrong. If you guys manage to do something please, let me know. I am really curious. I could add my main scene if you want, the one with the head.(yea, in that video it's just a camera animation but I thought it would be cooler if only the head would move and the camera is more static)

quick edit: I fixed the dissapearence thing but the real problem with Actor Convert is that it makes it static again, no animation.
You need to ensure the Actor Convert is only triggered at the time of fracture.

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